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The Greatest Addition To Fabric Textiles Is Lycra

23 Apr 2018

If you're from the days of polyester and nylon, you of course know the good and bad attributes to man made fabrics. 100% man made fibers of the past are not the same as those of today, thank goodness. In fact, most pure fibers (such as cotton, wool) are no longer 100% natural Imitation silk fabric if you look at the fine print there are percentages of Lycra blends somewhere in there, and why not, Lycra is awesome.

Let's see how Lycra has changed the fabric and textile world over the past decade:

The addition of Lycra to your chosen wool, allows for your clothing to stretch with freedom of movement without losing shape. It allows for crease recovery easier, and lends to easier care in the laundry room. It is the best option for suits and coats because it retains it's warmth with the wool, and the Lycra lends to a stretch ability for easy wear. It is less likely to shrink too, which makes it an invaluable addition to everyone's wardrobe.
Wool and Lycra blends are the fastest selling fabric on the market. Thousands of producers from all over the world are jumping on the bandwagon and selling their own distinctive blends, colors and designs.

Cotton and Lycra blends are the best of both worlds. Everyone loves to pull on their favorite cotton shirt or tee, the warm, comfortable fabric resting against the skin. Its softness and comfort is second to none. Just cotton alone shrinks, stretches out, and wrinkles very easily, cotton and Lycra however, is low maintenance, easy to wash, and doesn't wrinkle easily. With the addition of Lycra, those ironing types will have to look a little further through their laundry baskets to find something that needs ironing, cotton/Lycra blends never have to be ironed.

With Nylon and Lycra blends, the upholstery business has changed forever.Tencel fabric  This is a tough, sturdy fabric, and very durable but can still retain its softness, smoothness and ease of flow. It's used in upholstery, table cloths, handbags, curtains etc. Think of the latest faux suede craze in design and décor, that is a nylon and Lycra blend.
Some clothes are made from this blend as well, but since the fabric combination lends to a slightly shiny look, it's usually used for club wear, or outerwear chic.

Ah, Lycra where were you in the bleak old days of pulling your jeans up over your hips with a coat hanger and deep inhalations? Back when our sweaters were all pulled out of proportion and our coats had to be tossed out after a rain and hail storm welted the wool. Where were you when our t- shirts shrunk to belly tees, and had to be passed to our younger siblings? When we spilled grape juice all over the new sofa, and had to live with the stained cushions, albeit turned backside to hide the stain. We welcome you with open arms dear Lycra blends and look forward to the future of what you can create and accomplish in our lives. Hooray for Lycra.

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