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Polyester Filament Types, Characteristics and Applications


Polyester Filament Types, Characteristics and Applications

Variety of polyester filaments: Primary yarn, undrawn yarn (conventional spinning) UDY semi-pre-oriented yarn (medium-speed spinning) MOY pre-oriented yarn (high-speed spinning) POY highly oriented yarn (ultra-high speed spinning) HOY pull Stretch yarn, stretched yarn (low-speed stretched yarn) DY fully-drawn yarn (spinning and drawing one-step method) FDY full-wire (spinning one-step method) FOY textured yarn:Memory fabric  conventional textured yarn (DY) tensile textured yarn ( DTY) Air textured yarn (ATY)
1. Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)
Features: High strength, good silk tube forming, fineness, strength, uneven elongation, and even dyeing.
Uses: Suitable for high-speed warping machines and high-speed shuttleless loom requirements, directly used for knitting and warp knitting. Widely used in pongee, fleece, single velvet, gold velvet, mercerized velvet, corduroy, flower spot velvet, warp nap velvet, warp short velvet, warp velvet, warp velveteen, warp knitting Mesh, warp, silk, loop, velveteen, five satin, polyester taffeta, mercerized silk, water jet spinning (simulation silk), water spray eight satin, weft Oxford cloth, gauze Oxford, Jacquard Curtains, printed curtains and other fabrics.
2. Polyester pre-oriented yarn (POY) / high-speed spinning wire / high-speed spinning
Performance: high degree of pre-orientation, stable properties, good mechanical properties, high uniformity, good processability.
Uses: This product can be made by drawing, bombing, air deformation and other processes, respectively, into the drawing yarn, elastic yarn, air deformed silk and other products with different properties, made of all kinds of wool, imitation linen, Rip-stop fabric simulation silk Products for the weaving and knitting industries.
3. Polyester low elastic yarn (DTY) / tensile deformation yarn / false twisted yarn
Performance: Yarn is curved, it can be given silk fluffy effect after false twist deformation processing
Uses: Polyester low elasticity yarn is ideal for knitting (weft knitting, warp knitting) or woven processing. It is suitable for making garment fabrics (such as suits and shirts), beddings (such as bedding, bedspreads, mosquito nets) and decorative items (such as Curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics, wall covering fabrics, automotive interior fabrics, etc.)
4. Polyester stretched wire (DT) / stretched twisted silk
Characteristics: Can produce a variety of fabrics, and have different feel and silky appearance, light and breathable characteristics
Uses: home decoration, apparel, industrial fabrics and automotive fabrics for weaving a variety of simulation silk fabrics.

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