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What is a nylon UV fabric? What about nylon UV resistant fabric?


What is a nylon UV fabric? What about nylon UV resistant fabric? Everyone mentions nylon anti-ultraviolet fabrics and certainly thinks that as long as luxury people can wear nylon anti-UV fabrics, people's living standards are steadily rising.
People's pursuit of quality of life is also increasing. At the same time, more and more people began to pay attention to the comfort of daily necessities. At the same time, the choice of home textiles and the selection of apparel fabrics has become increasingly critical. Nylon fabricTherefore, people tend to be more comfortable and beautiful in choosing fabrics. Among the many fabrics, nylon UV-resistant fabrics have gradually become the focus of attention. So what is a nylon anti-UV fabric, what is the material of nylon anti-UV fabric, I believe that many people still do not know what is nylon anti-ultraviolet fabric, I will tell you about.

As for the issue of what is a nylon UV fabric, there has been a clear reply as early as in ancient China. The market for nylon UV-resistant fabrics in China or in the world is very large, and many are made of fabrics. More and more textiles are loved by the general public. Nylon anti-ultraviolet fabrics can be worn by nobles in ancient times. However, with the development of life, many people can wear them, and more and more nylon UV-resistant fabrics. The manufacturer, based on the psychology of consumption, has brought about objective benefits through the production of nylon UV-resistant fabrics.
Ultrafine denier 15D nylon fiber, 380T high density weaving, making the fabric with light, thin, transparent, soft and other characteristics, is the summer outdoor sun protection clothing, skin clothing, portable jacket of choice for fabric. Because of the thin and transparent fabrics, it is always a difficult problem to give fabrics with anti-ultraviolet rays. The sunscreens on the market are not sunscreen. Today, we passed hundreds of samples and conquered the problem that fine denier nylon fabrics could not achieve UV resistance. To sunscreen clothes is not sunscreen, we can achieve the sun protection index UPF50+.
Choose UV umbrellas to look mainly at the fabric of the umbrella. Tencel fabric Studies have shown that umbrella-thick fabrics have better UV resistance than thin fabrics. In general, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose, and other fabrics have poor UV protection, while polyesters are better; some consumers believe that The better the UV protection performance is, the better it is. For example, the Umbrella Series has developed a lightweight yet very tight fabric that is far better than general fabrics; in addition, the better the UV protection, the better the color and the better the satin fabric. , followed by diagonal, plain.
Studies have shown that umbrella-thick fabrics have better UV resistance than thin fabrics. In untreated fabrics, polyester fabrics have the best UV resistance, which is related to their ability to absorb ultraviolet light in the benzene ring of sub-structures. The anti-ultraviolet properties of cotton and nylon in chemical fibers, such as nylon (nylon), viscose (rayon, rayon), and natural fibers, are not ideal. Choose a UV-resistant umbrella to choose a fabric that is thicker and contains polyester fibers.

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