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What should pay attention to when sewing silk fabrics?


What should  pay attention to when sewing silk fabrics?
Preparation before sewing
(1) The selection of silk clothing linings must be done properly. Lightweight fabrics have a transparent or semi-transparent sensation. Generally, a light, thin, non-woven cat is matched for lining. Should not be attached to the leader, sleeves and exposed edges.Satin fabric  The width of the welt seam head can only be 0.3 cm, or use a roller bar instead of welting, but absolutely no liners can be used. In addition, the thickness, color, and stiffness of the liner must be determined based on the specific fabric.
(2) Lightweight and transparent fabrics with a suede or glossy surface should be trimmed with a fleece side. The lining of silk garments is an important step in sewing silk garments.
(3) The lining should be slightly larger than the net sample, but it should be slightly smaller than the wool sample.
(4) When lining, it is also necessary to consider the direction of the wire. In principle, it is basically in line with the direction of the silk tower of the fabric.
(5) When ironing, choose the right temperature and ironing time. It is necessary to make the lining fully adhere to the fabric to prevent the appearance of blistering and lining in the future, and to prevent the fabric from being hot yellow and hot.

What should pay attention to the sewing of silk fabrics

Thin silk fabrics are difficult to push, pull, and hot during sewing. Not only that, but silk fabrics are slippery, soft, and easily stretched, so sewing is not easy to grasp. In the past, the method of sizing the pieces of clothing and sewing them or spraying the fabrics with a spray bottle was used to prevent slipping and deformation. There are also special double-sided adhesive tapes for sewing silk fabrics, which are then affixed Ultrasonic Sprayer  with two layers of fabric. Then, tear off the double-sided tape.
Clothing materials are rich and varied, and their clever and reasonable combinations can show rich and complex artistic effects. According to different appearances and textures of silk fabrics, a variety of apparel design methods can be adopted, and the style is unified or harmonious or sharp contrast, the color is rich or full or simply consistent.

For example, with a similar texture of silk fabric, the same thickness of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics combined in the texture and appearance of a more harmonious and unified effect; can also use reverse thinking, breaking the visual habits, using alternative, asymmetrical Designing, for example, combining various styles of materials, such as silk and leather, silk fabrics and linen fabrics, chiffon fabrics and woolen fabrics, etc., which contrast each other, break the balance and create a visual impact, bringing new ones Aesthetic effect.

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